How to Look Slim at Every Occasion

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How to Look Slim at Every Occasion

It seems that almost all women dream of an ideal body, but not many women are willing to go to the trouble of doing exercise. Many of them want instant results, which is not a good thing.

However, don't worry, you can still look slim with these tips:

Wear Outfit with Dark Colours

Dark colours such as black, brown or grey give an optical illusion to the body giving the impression of looking slim. Mix and match with accessories that have brighter colours on the wrists, neck and feet.

Wear clothes with the right size

Choose clothes with the right size. Not small or oversized. Smaller clothes will make fat folds obvious, while oversized clothes make you look overweight.

Not only does this apply to clothes, both the underwear and bra you wear should also be the right size.

Use Body-Shaping Clothing

shapellx plus size waist trainer

You can use shaping underwear, there are models such as corsets, bodysuits, and plus Size waist trainers. On the market there are various models and brands, such as the Plus Shape collection from Shapellx.

It features handy undergarments that will shape you in all the right places with various compression levels.It will sculpt, contour, and control your tummy, hips and thighs and lift your butt and breasts like a second skin.It shaves off inches in minutes and gets you snug for evening dresses or your everyday workwear, with a seamless base that’ll hold its fit all day long.It’ll make you look slimmer. Everywhere. It’ll lift and firm your body in all the right places, without anyone knowing what you’ve got underneath.Get smooth lines, without bulges. Forget what a muffin top looks or feels like, because what you wear is between you and your morning cup of coffee.

Use Clothes with Small Prints

If you want to use patterned clothes, choose clothes with small size motifs because it will make your body look slim. Mix and match with neutral coloured accessories.

Use Contour-Shaping Dresses

shapellx shapewear dress

If you want to attend an important event such as a formal party or wedding and want to look beautiful in a dress. Choose a shapewear dress that can shape the contours of the body. The Shapellx Countour Built-in Shaper Dress has the design features 360-degree waist taming power as well as stretchy compression fabric that smooth the tummy and hips. Made to adjust to your body perfectly.

So, there's no need to worry about your appearance anymore, because you can look slim anytime and anywhere.


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