English is fun

This is my first post in english, yeahhh i never wrote my blog in english because i didn't have confident to write in english.
Ok lets start to share my experience. I learned english when i was in elementary school in course. it was make me nervous because in there i'm the youngest. i had many memories in there, learned something new about english and meet new friend. i missed all that memory in there

Today, i'm still learn english, and my mother ask me to get a course i EF. First time learn in EF i felt very different, it's more fun than my last course six years ago. EF give me something new, and make me more confident to talk english. And also refresh my memory


  1. Speaking with native speaker will make you fluent in English :D

  2. Luphyta1:29 AM

    yes you're right but sometime we need more confident to talk in english. thx for tips :D


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